Environment - Message to the Community

This was the first project that students did for the subject "Art, Design, Media & Technology" (ADMT), where the knowledge and skills spelled out in the curriculum were embedded in the course of doing the project.

Coupled with prior knowledge and search skills, students learnt to use graphic organisers to map out information that helped to identify an environment issue that they intended to raise the awareness of the local community. Using ideation tools, they generated ideas and did the storyboard which served as the blueprint of the animation they eventually created.

Project showcase blog: http://2010admtanimationshowcase.blogspot.com/

Project Showcase by:
  • Kimberly Ong Fang Ying and Millie Thng Ming Li
  • Victor Ang Wei Di and Benjamin Fheng Guo Jing

Project by Dennis Lim, Serene Fong, Kimberly Ong and Millie Thng