The Elderly Challenge

The Challenge Based Learning (CBL) framework was first introduced to students in this project (in ADMT) and teachers provided guidance to students as they moved through each the stages. This was an individual project.

Students learnt and applied design principles to produce a prototype that addressed to some physical challenges the elderly faced everyday. Taking into consideration information from online research and interaction with the care-givers, they used ideation tools like SCAMPER to conceptualise the product that helped to improve the quality of life of the elderly. They used construction applications like Google SketchUp to design models of products before coming up with a prototype. They also did a multimedia presentation clip to showcase their completed ideas. This was followed by sharing of the work process and reflection at the end of the project.

Project Showcase by
  • Hardy Shein Nyeh Chan
  • Shawn Tan Wen Bin
  • Benz Kew

Showcase of Individual Project:

(1) Benz Kew

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