My reflection of the Apple Summit 2011 - Benjamin Fheng (12) S2-09

The Preparation

My classmate, Victor, and I were told that we were going to present for the Apple Summit 2011 and I was really curious to what it was all about. After a day of briefing, I was extremely excited at the fact that I was meeting people from Apple! I am a HUGE fan of Apple! This might be my only chance to meet someone famous from Apple! After the briefing, Victor and I clarified all our questions with our teacher, Mr Irfan, and started working on our presentation on a specific day that we were free.

We were told that Kimberly and Millie were our "competitors" as they were selected to do the same project. I was definitely determined to win in terms of how many people would prefer my animation to theirs! We ran though our slides with our teachers many times and finally, three days before the event, we were ready.

Actual event

Day 1(Project presentation):
We were told that we had to wear SST's formal attire and present in a place where there was NO air-conditioning. I immediately started to worry and freak out! I didn't want to create a river of sweat in my clothes!!! Once we got to SOTA, I was astonished at the magnificent sight of the school. The design of the school is absolutely amazing! The interior is a whole lot better than what the exterior looks like!

We were taken to a room located a floor above our presentation booths and were briefed. We had lunch and played a few games to know more about one another in the whole room filled with SST students, SOTA students and the two girls from the Ladies Presbyterian College. We had a whole lot of fun and finally, it was time to present!

We wore our jackets, got ready and brought the necessities for our presentation down to the booth. I immediately saw an air conditioner at the booth and heaved a sigh of relief. Now I wouldn't feel so warm anymore.

When the guest educators from all over the world started rolling in, I started to get nervous as I am afraid I might say something wrong to them. At the beginning, it was quite hard to present, explain and satisfy and answer all the educator's questions and soon after awhile, got the hang of it and presented with ease.
Presenting to SOTA girls

Day 2(Workshop facilitation):

We were first briefed and given out iPod touches to take photos, videos and recordings during the workshop and upload them. When the educators came into the rooms, I was assigned group "elephant" and 5 people sat down on the table and started introducing themselves to each other. They easily discussed what they were going to do for their project which was a theatre. I gave in my ideas and they immediately started working on it. I had loads of fun taking pictures and helping them out!

After the first session, my schoolmates joined me in my group and we had at least 3 people in our group. The educators came into the room and introduced themselves to each other like the previous group. This group was not as engaging as the first session as their discussions were kept to themselves and did not really need our help or spoke to us. I preferred the first session much to the second one.

My awesome group members from the first session!!

Day 3(2nd Project presentation):

The third and final day was here and a batch of educators came to the presentation booth again. There was a really kind man that we impressed on the first day that gave us a guide to how to create comics. We were certainly surprised and grateful! We had refreshments and our project showcase was running smoothly. We had the talk by Daniel Pink later on which quite interesting. And the most amazing thing is that I got a card with Mr. John Couch's signature on it! It was really an amazing day. As we packed our gear, we had a debrief and I was really reluctant to leave SOTA. I really had many amazing moments in here! I would definitely go to the next Apple Summit if I could!

Me at our booth :)

Things I done well

I think I did pretty well on the third day as I was prepared and able to satisfy most of the educators that visited our booth. Many of them said they really liked our presentation which made my group members and I extremely happy!

Things that could be improved

I wish I could have been more confident in explaining and thought more about how to answer the possible questions that may be thrown to me.

1 Key Takeaway

The memories at the Apple Summit will be forever etched in my mind and it has inspired me that I can do much more than what I am doing now. It has also built up my confidence in presenting and I really enjoyed myself there! I loved the time at the Apple Summit!!!

I would like to thank Mr. Irfan and Ms. Loh for their help, guidance and pictures! Thank you!
I love and miss my air-con buddy SO much!!!! :')

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