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Everything starts and ends with a lovely smile!

During the preparation period before the actual event, everyone was pretty nervous and stuff was pretty messy. With the intense preparation of slides and stuff, free time just got lesser which got me rather annoyed as I didn’t understand at first why do I have to do so much work just for this event. But as time goes by and the event closing in, I had no choice but to do what I am obliged to.

Because of the ironic fact that being nervous should be the standard protocol for participants of major event and I weren’t. I didn’t do any preparation pretty much until the last moment so I had overwhelming work for that few days before the event. So, the pre-event part was pretty much not enjoyable.

The way which we prepared for the actual event was speaking in front of our teachers and friends which was pretty comfortable. But when the actual event is here all the scenarios that are expected to happen just became invalid.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I was able to adapt to the situation at a considerably fast pace because I hadn’t prepare a script of what am I supposed to share hence I can share everything under the world that is relevant. The flexibility of what I can do just builds on to my confidence.

So for the actual event I shared pretty much of everything with the educators, from my learning experiences to my personal life because of varying educator wanting to know ranging specifications.

And the pre-event was the contrary of the actual event. The sharing of our learning experiences with educators that are willing to hear us out just made our effort worthwhile. With every node comes affirmation that our fruit of labour has bear fruit just make me feel more accomplished.

The event also provided me with the chance to attend the keynote presentation by famous motivational speaker Daniel Pink. His talk was awesome and I really enjoyed it. I am more motivated and determined in whatever I do now.

This event has been a great learning experience for me. I not only learn how the teacher thinks but also how the teachers and educators care for us, students. I also become more motivated and probably wiser. In future, if I get the opportunity to do the same again, I promise to do better.

In conclusion, this event has been a wonderful learning experience for me and I hope to get more of such experiences.

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