Reflections - Kimberly Ong

Photo Courtesy of Irfan Darian

I would like to first thank the teachers who chosen our group to present at the Apple Summit this year. I indeed learn a lot. It was a whole new experience and I would like to share what I experienced through this platform.

Frankly speaking, we did not prepare much for our presentation as we documented our information in the process of completing our project last year. However, we have reorganized the information according to the Challenge-Based Learning structure as our project was not designed based on that in the first place. We also have to change some terms we use in our reports as those were only used to local context as our teacher in charge, Mr Irfan pointed out that some of the educators from other countries might not understand. Thus, we find diagrams to illustrate our ideas and change the terms we used in our slides. In my opinions, the few sessions that Mr Irfan conduct with our group, including others who are also presenting projects related to ADMT was helpful because Mr Irfan gave us constructive advices on the way we present our ideas, the design of our slides, etc. I would like to thank Mr Irfan for the advices and help he provided us before the event.

Another than being chosen to present our project at the Apple Summit, I was also chosen to attend the Reverse Mentoring initiated by Daniel H. Pink. When I was informed, I felt really excited as I know that it was a rare opportunity to represent the school and it was a form of acknowledgment of my efforts I put my work for me. At the same time, I also realize that it will not be an easy task for me even though I know what to say as I could not articulate my words properly. However, teachers like Ms Loh, Ms Patricia Ng and Mrs Lim for sacrificing their precious time to conduct session to prepare us for the real event. Through the sessions, I learnt how to answer question properly, etc. I also learnt how to present myself in front of others on stage. For examples, when I smile more, I look less nervous (which is quite difficult for me as I do not really smile very often) and to take note of our culottes when we sit down. I really do appreciate the teachers’ efforts in preparing us for the Reverse Mentoring.

On the first day of the actual event, I was feeling quite tired as I had I&E assessment that morning and I need to prepare for another presentation for my competition that afternoon. Millie, my group member, was also not feeling well and she could not help but to take a nap that afternoon. Our energy level were quite low till we meet the energized SOTA students and the friendly foreigns students who are also presenting at the event. With the sumptuous dinner and the games we played with other students from other schools, we are all fully charged again. On that day, we just realized that our group will be sharing a booth with Benjamin and Victor. At first, we got a bit frantic but we kind of figured out that we could take turns to present and the group not presenting can take the chance to rest too. However, we did not get the chance to rest as it was quite a crowd so the we have the other group by presenting on our project at the same time. We did not really make good use of our slides as the educators were more interested in knowing our experiences, how our teachers help use in our projects, the applications and platform we use, which were not on the slides we prepared, rather than what we did for the project. In general, the presentation went quite successfully on the first day and the third day. However, I could have done better if we went forward to the educators to present our project than waiting for them to approach us. On the second day of the event, I took initiative to help out in the Workshop Facilitation. Though during the first session, I was confused over what to do even after the briefing, I went with the flow and found myself getting used with helping the educators with the modeling and documenting the ideas the ideas they generated. However, I did not really have the chance to express my opinions. I think I could have done better if I took upon myself to share with the educators my ideas.

I would like to thank Millie, my team member who presented at the event with me. I was glad that I have another member to help me with the presentation as I had a heavy workload that period. I actually forgot to prepare the slides before when we meet up with Mr Irfan for consultation. Luckily, Millie remember to do so. I am also grateful to those who share a booth with our booth, Benjamin & Victor. They had helped us to attend to the educators when we need to take a break and they also got drinks for us.

I guess I will not say that I have learnt some key takeaway but I had an enriching experience at the Apple Summit. I really enjoyed interacting with the educators and I had some inspirations after hearing their ideas.

Thank you.

Kimberly Ong

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  1. yup, everyone of us were tired, but in the end, wasn't it a success? :D