Reflections — Joshua Ma

Before the Apple Leadership Summit

Mainly, throughout most of the time we had for preparation, we were rushing to keep up with all the deadlines for all the different parts of our presentation such as the video, presentation slides, and lastly, our report on the process we went through, mostly about Challenge Based Learning. There was also an issue with music for the video as most were considered inappropriate by teachers, but we finally managed to use one in the end though it was pretty loud.

Actual Project Showcase

Firstly, we had a little of an argument over the roles as I felt I did not want to be in charge of the Facebook area as I felt it was pretty awkward getting people to stand in front of a camera, asking them for their pictures. However, they insisted that I had to man that area and I had no choice but to do so and soon got accustomed to it but I didn’t always get people to leave their thoughts and feelings about our project on the Facebook page as most of them just walked off after I explained to them our project. However, half way through the whole thing Calvin gave me what he called an “instant upgrade” getting me to walk up to other people to explain our project to them, which I felt was simple enough. Overall, everything turned out better than expected for me.

The day after that, I was involved in a workshop facilitation. I felt that the first group was much friendlier than the second one, thinking that the second group must be wanting to go home as soon as possible as it was in the afternoon already. I didn’t socialise as much as I am sure should have been expected but I managed to do my job which was to take down their progress.

Things Done Well and Not Well

I think that I managed to approach the people attending the project showcase comfortably and managed to explain our ideas well to the customers who approached us.

I find that I should be more sociable when it comes to workshop facilitation so that I will be able to help the team more and they can do their work more at ease rather than with a person whom they treat as a stranger.

Appreciation : I would like to thank my whole group - Kai Chek, Calvin, Bryan and Joshua Loh as they have helped with all the different parts of the presentation, Mr Yeo and Ms Loh, for helping us through the process especially by giving us challenging questions to work on. I would also like to thank the Apple Leadership Summit organisers as if they had not chosen Singapore to hold the event, I would not have had such an experience, along with SOTA who helped to host the program.

Key Takeaway

I feel that the most valuable lesson I have learnt from this event is the event itself. I have learnt about formal events and how different people are able to communicate ideas to others and I have also learnt how to present my ideas to others and to convince them to support our cause, along with answering or deflecting questions when the need arises.

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  1. you did an excellent job in manning the facebook page station. And also i can tell you were extremely committed, you were sick on Sunday but you still tried to move on, for that i salute you.