Reflection@Apple Summit 2011-By Lai Ziying

It was indeed a privilege for me to take part in the Apple Summit this year which provided me with opportunities to interact educators from worldwide and once again, to reflect deeply upon the purposes for me to pursue the goals in my academic areas. 
The project which I was in-charged of was Interdisciplinary Project Work (IPW) which I worked on with my group members last year on the topic “World War Two”. For the stage of preparation, other than coming up with new keynote slides, I went through all the files and work done for this IPW and got mesmerized in the fond memories again. By then, I was ready to deliver all my heart-felt learning experiences with my audience on the very next day.
At the actual event, the educators from worldwide arrived soon after my group’s set-up was done. I was deeply appreciated by the educators who visited my booth and they showed an immense enthusiasm towards my group’s project and that made me feel a greater sense of the value of my presence. Led by curiosity, the educators asked me a wide range of questions which I enjoyed answering so much that time elapsed swiftly before I realised that it was time for the Reverse Mentoring Session.
Despite my experiences being on stage for numerous times, my heart beat increased rapidly even the second before I got hold of the microphone and began introducing myself to the hundreds of educators who were seated in the audience. I am grateful to Mr Dan Pink who initiated the Reverse Mentoring Session which enabled the students to voice out their true feelings towards learning in schools and the opinions expressed by the students supported what he was going to present for his presentation. 
After the whole event, I met three educators outside School of the Arts (SOTA) who were among the crowd of dispersal. They told me to persevere on and go the way I want to move towards to courageously. 
At the very end of this event, there is one key take-away which I would like to share with you, who is reading this reflection, and that is we should spare time for ourselves to do the things which we like to do and not told to do. Also, we should remain critical towards all things, including education systems. Only so, we are able to create a better world.

Thank you for your time and appreciation.
Lai Ziying
School of Science and Technology, Singapore

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