The Preparation
Apparently there was a briefing about Apple Summit that took place in January where my group members were aware of whereas I did not know of such a thing so I was a bit blurred and confused when I was informed about presenting at the showcase

Kimberly and I had other competitions and projects to work on, such as the Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition and the I&E Destination Imagination project, so it was kind of difficult to cope with all these projects. Due to our CCAs and other commitments, our group members could not find time to work on our projects together. We resorted to doing our projects in the ADMT room while Kimberly and I were working on our Apple Summit presentation simultaneously

Actual Event - Project Showcase
It was a once in a lifetime chance to present at the Apple Summit. I was very excited when I saw the different educators that came from different countries, Australia, Mexico, Philippines… It was a challenge to understand their different accents but I felt more globally connected when I was communicating with theses educators. I gladly showcased our group’s project and I hope that they have learnt something from our presentation.

Also, I was very shocked when these educators, especially the Australian educators, kept on praising us. “Good job!” “Well done!” “That’s very clever!” “Excellent! ” I felt a sense of satisfaction when they recognized our work. I went home and told my father about this and he told me that it is their “tradition” to keep praising students so that they feel encouraged and that they would do better. This makes me wonder why Singaporean teachers do not praise us as much instead they scold us when we do something wrong

Workshop Facilitation
Although it was awkward, it was fun seeing the educators working together in a group

During the workshop facilitation, I realized one thing : educators are just like us students, when working in a group there is always the one who takes charge, the one who does all manual work, the quiet one who does whatever he/she is told, the one who keeps voicing out their opinions and finally, the slacker.

Well, in the first session, there was an educator who was hard of hearing, so he did not contribute much to the group work. Maybe it was not his fault that I grouped him into the “slacker” group, I mean, he was hard of hearing, so he did not really care about the work since he could not hear or understand what his group members were doing

Things that you have done well
I think that I have done well in speaking to the educators. Also, although this does not concern the Apple Summit, I think I have coped well in wearing court shoes. I went home with blisters but at least I managed to survive the whole event in those new and uncomfortable shoes.

Things that you could have done better
To be honest, Kimberly did most of the preparation work. I only did the outline of the keynote slides. Also, she had to cope with her drama CCA since SYF was nearing and she also took charge of our SAFMC project. So I am really impressed by her. Looking back, I should have put in more effort so that I could reduce Kimberly’s work load

Your working together with others, you may even want to express your appreciation to your team members and others
This was the first time I have worked with Benjamin and Victor. We took turns to guard the stand and present to the educators. They were constantly trying to make Kimberly and me feel comfortable in the environment by bringing us drinks and also adjusting the speed of the “air-con buddy” (the fan that kept us cool), so I would like to thank them for helping us in this event. Also, I would like to thank Kimberly for helping our group in this presentation. Like I said, she did most of the work so the credit goes to her
I also made friends from SOTA (one of which is the daughter of one of our guitar ensemble’s instructor) and Australia (Presbyterian Ladies' College)

What is your KEY TAKEAWAY have learnt - in participation of such event
- I learnt to speak confidently to people of other countries. Although I may still be nervous when speaking, I am slowly learning how to overcome that fear and this event lets me remember the time where I spoke to people whom I did not know. Where I spoke to people of different accents. Where I spoke to people from different countries.

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  1. so true...there are always the same few different kinds of people in the group and good luck in overcoming your fear when speaking to 'strangers' :D