Reflection of AELS2011 — Bryan Goh

   Things unexpected always appear don’t they? It’s been so common that we should have expected them to appear, but there are things we just couldn’t prepare for. 
   The report…,presentation... and also the video, troubles appearing simultaneously, one after another as if they were made to kill us. Later on, it wasn’t made to kill but made to test us. Our perseverance. We made it, not alone, but as a team. With help from Ms Loh, Mr Yeo and the staff for the ICT helpdesk .Without them, things could still be completed, however, without them, we would not have been able to finish he task on time, without them, we would never have something so professional, something that I feel is what I would never have accomplished. I guess the nights that I have stayed up late for, the mornings I have worked up early, me giving up my recess, lunch and even my weekends all paid off. Looking at the different educators who visited our booth, their astonishment, knowing that we are only 13, 14 year old kids, all aspiring for one aim, saving Ha Long Bay. I know and we all know, what we have done were not in vain. 
  During this course of preparation even during the showcase itself and also after the showcase, I was constantly reflecting. What could have been improved? This question kept hovering in my mind. But every time, I could only think of one answer. If only time was in our hands, if only we could freeze time, do whatever we had to do and unfreeze it to do. But too bad, this will never happen. If only, not only I, but the team together had better time management, everything could have been done faster and better. We did not have had to constantly get teachers for help for they have their already busy lives to lead. 
  However, there were things I thought I did well and we did well as a team. To me, what I did well was to really get the team together, contact the team mates reminding them about work to do, encouraging them during the showcase itself(as it was very hot and everyone was sweating) and even taking the initiative to get the report, keynote, facebook page and also the poster done. All I never thought I would do. What had motivated me to do all those, like what Daniel H. Pink explained, it’s the final outcome, the sense of achievement after success that keeps me going. I would like to say that these has been a great opportunity for me. Learning new things about the world, my friends and even myself. 
However, all these could not have been possible if not for the tireless efforts put in by teammates and I would like to specially thank Calvin. Kai Chek has since improved, handing in work punctually since the event and even taking the initiative  to present, something he would have never done in the past. Joshua Ma, even having a fever, gave his best, held on. I’ve never seen someone sacrificing so much, not for himself but for the team. There’s Joshua Loh too, always the first to complete the work, the universal truth, never late and always punctual, a quality which I love most. 
   Here I am, talking about my team mates yet I forgot the most important people. The teachers, Mr Yeo, Ms Loh and many others.  Without them, we would not been able to have this opportunity to attend the summit. Without them, I would have never learn more about the world, the team and also myself. Without them , I would also not have been able to make new friends. Thank you teachers, I am really grateful for what you have done, not for yourself, but for us and the school. 
   Dan Pink, a famous author, however not famous enough for me to know at first. However after attending the summit, I learned, who he was and also the truth about motivation. And I have also bought a book, not just any book but a book by him. Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us. But for that, I also have to thank my mum. Although I just wished for that book. She turned that to reality. One day after knowing I wanted that book, she immediately went to popular to get it for me. Thanks mum!
   The summit, for apple, organized by apple, the people who were working behind the scenes are always the least appreciated. Without them, our presentation would not have been a success, without them, we wouldn’t have had an enjoyable time and without them, I would have been a different person today.
   The Apple Education Leadership Summit may have closed. However, the memories will forever be in our minds. New knowledge, New Experience and also New Opportunities. Thank you all for what you have sacrificed for us. 

Thank You all!
With best regards,
Bryan Goh
(School of Science and Technology,Singapore)

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