Reflection by Joshua Loh

Before the actual events

In our group, we did not have a lot of time to prepare due to many of our projects (We cannot have everyone meet up to finish certain tasks). Thus we were rushing to get everything ready during the last few days before the actual events. For myself, I did not get a lot of sleep due to the synergetic effect of this project and other projects. Fortunately during the events, I did not feel sleepy as this is a one of a kind experience.

Project showcase

The project showcase was not really what I expected. The tables were much smaller and there was no booths which look like those in a carnival which I expected. One other thing was the big screen provided. I expected it to be like the projector screen in our schools. Anyway, the presentation still went quite smoothly and we got quite a few people to support us on Facebook which I thought was a great idea. I think I need to speak louder and try to get more people’s attention as many people had to lean close to me to hear what I was saying and I missed a few chances to get people to look at our showcase. I think we spread the work out quite well. The flow was good—presentation slides, research report and video with pictures alongside to allow people to visualise how the situation in Halong Bay is like.

Workshop facilitation

The workshop facilitation was an engaging, interesting and memorable experience. The job given to us was easier than I thought. Although on the website it tells us at what time intervals do we take a photo or video, we never really followed it; we just took photos all throughout the way and I forgot to do the interview with one of the group members! The educators were quite friendly and talked to each other as if they already knew each other very well beforehand. It was the first time I got to use the iPod as well.


I learned a lot about the processes involved in such showcases like how to spread out the work, communication with the audience, etc. I learned how to speak more confidently to people and I also gained a better overview of how education systems work and how it affects us. I would like to thank everyone who made this possible and my teammates as they were awesome! It was a unique experience and I would never forget it!


  1. Thanks to you for making it possible as well. One man less equals to 20% gone. Without you our project would be only 80% of what we have today. Thank you :D