BENZ Kew: Reflection of ALS #2011

Project Showcase: ADMT–The Elderly Challenge


A) Deepest gratitude and appreciation to SST, Ms Loh Kwai Yin & Mr Irfan Darian for putting me up on the world stage with their tremendous efforts and hardwork in mentoring and preparing us for ALS #2011.

Janet Wozniak and BENZ Kew

B) My teammates (Hardy She
in and Shawn Tan), supportive peers and teachers.
C) Janet Wozniak for her encouragement and useful tips.

iWoz: Book recommendation by Janet Wozniak.

I'm looking forward to purchase a copy soon.


During preparation, we had to get ready our presentation slides and present to the distinguished Apple delegates with confidence. We followed the Challenged-based learning framework to work with our slides. It was quite a hard time for me to scale my information down to 14-15 slides to fine tune it. When we were satisfied with our presentation, Mr Irfan and Ms Loh gave us advice on how to improve on our slides and started to ask us questions with our presentation to ensure that we could answer the delegates with ease.

During Event:

Day 1 at SOTA (Project Presentation)

-It was a very tiring and humid day as we had to stand and present all day long with our blazers. Seeing the Apple educators smile and appreciated what I had done, I still carried on with my day with a smile and presented to the educators with ease. I was quite nervous at first, as they were strangers to me. The crowd was very noisy and I had to speak louder to let the educators hear me.

Day 2 at SOTA (Workshop Facilitation)

-It was a fine day and the event was successful. It was the first time I actually held an iPodTouch and used it, with a Macbook White with me. We had ample breaks to rest and the workshop rooms were air-conditioned. I took pictures and uploaded to Learning Spaces and the educators were very friendly and approachable. It was a very hands-on experience for me as we got to create learning spaces and structures with simple tools (e.g. Plasticine and Paper). We also received our Apple caps and notebooks at the end of the day too.

Day 3 at SOTA (Project Presentation and Daniel Pink's Talk)

-I had more confidence talking to the educators and there were not many educators who came and visited our booth as it was placed far behind. Once we got everything set up, we went upstairs and ate our lunch. We had better foresight on what will be going on so we came prepared with more tables and fan cooler.
-When our presentations ended, we went up to the lecture theater for a talk by Daniel Pink and the topic is Motivational Science: What drives us to our potential. He talked about having DIY Report Cards and Fedex Days. It was very educational and they are the reasons for motivation. We must do what we are interested in, and example by Daniel Pink is that there are 2 Nobel prize winners for physics where they discovered Graffine which is a very strong substance during their 20% free time and the other 80% were spent on their main work and research.

1 Key Takeaway:

The summit has upgraded me to a new horizon and spectrum and I look forward to another Apple event in the near future.

Conclusion: A Million Thanks to our Guardian Angel's Watchful Eye for keeping us watched, intact and accomplishing the event.


BENZ Kew =)

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