Apple Leadership Summit - Reflection by See To Yu Xiang

The preparation :
Upon seeing the arrival of the guests, I was already scared out of my wits, and I believed everybody else was. So during the briefing before the presentation started, we were all extremely tense (Refer to photo). 
Actual Event : 
As for the project showcase, I was actually presenting with Yu Chong on our Inter-Disciplinary Project Work (Subject) Project, which was ‘A Survivor’s Recollection of the War’. Before the presentation started, I actually had a lot of fears on what might happen, for example, ‘Will the audience get bored?’, ‘Will I experience any technical difficulties?’, ‘What will happen if someone asks a question that is hard for me to answer?’ etc. 
But when I was actually presenting, I found that it was extremely fun to present, and also to socialize and interact with the educators. They actually commented and said that our project was quite well done, and a lot of them were actually captivated by the whole presentation, and majority even stood through the whole presentation, which lasted 15 minutes long on average! (Even though I wasn’t expecting them to do so). They asked a lot of questions regarding our Challenge Based Learning framework, the span of our project, our school etc, which luckily, I could answer all. I also found all these questions posted to me at that point of time quite interesting, as some of which I had not even thought of before, and had to think of good answers straight on the spot. 
But the biggest problem that I faced was, actually getting dehydrated and resulting in me not being able to articulate clearly some of the points. Since a whole session of presentation can actually last up to 15 minutes long, and there was actually 40 over slides for me to present, I found out that I actually got dehydrated quite easily, and when I am dehydrated, I couldn’t really articulate my presentation that clearly. If given a second chance to do a presentation like this again, I will definitely bring along a 1 liter bottle! 
Key Take-aways and learning points from this event :
Some learning points and key-takeaways for me, from this event, would be :
  1. Learning how to socialize with people that I do not know very well, and articulating to them clearly about the project.
  2. Learning how to collaborate with my group mate, Yu Chong. There was numerous occasions where we had to combine our resources, and agree on a few things where we would both need to agree on. 
Image :

The above image shows me and Yu Chong preparing for the presentation

Yu Xiang

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