Apple Leadership Summit 2011- Reflections by Christopher John

Project 5: Importance of Protecting the Sovereignty of a Nation - from the Vietnamese Perspective

Three Days, One Lifetime

The Apple Leadership Summit 2011 has
been a fantastic experience. Not many are fortunate to experience this.

The Apple Leadership Summit is a place for global networking for educators from all over the world. This is also a place for pupils to showcase their hard work, work that was compiled from their sweat and time.

Process of making the Presentation

Knowing that the Apple Leadership Summit is where many highly educated educators will be, I felt worried that my presentation will not up to their standards. I was also worried that I will not be able to ready my presentation on time. In other words, I was constantly worrying about my presentation but I soon found out that the presentation was not all important.

The Day

On the day of the Apple Summit, I found out that the presentation was not really important but more on how to reply to the questions the educators ask. Some educators ask simple questions like "How long is your trip to Ho Chi Minh?" while other educators asked simple trick questions like "What is the Vietnamese currency?" A few educators ask questions which requires correct phrasing like "Since you say that Vietnamese people are friendly, how about Singaporeans?"

The Apple Leadership Summit has given me much experience that only a selected handful of other pupils will experience also. I thank Mr Lam and Miss Loh for selecting me and the other members of this project to showcase in the Apple Leadership Summit.

Thank You

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  1. haha, i didn't experience trick questions...but you're right, the questions were actually not as simple as the presentation