Apple Leadership Summit 2011 Reflection - Hardy

Project: The Elderly Challenge (ADMT)

From product to Presentation
I think that from the very beginning, I was quite worried about how I was going to present my product in the best possible way. In my opinion, my product was one that did not have much to show. During the few weeks of preparation with Mr Irfan and Miss Loh, I was able to realize that it was not really all about the product, but it was to give a sense that I was able to comprehend the CBL framework and show how I could use this experience in the framework with future projects.
Presentation Day
The other two gentlemen who were presenting on the same project, Benz and Shawn, worked with me at the booth and planned on how we were going to present. Each of us had already prepared Keynote slides. Ironically, through out the entire presentation,  I did not touch my Keynote presentation at all. I went on presenting what came to my mind. It felt more natural for me as I answered whatever question popped up.
This Summit certainly gave me a once in a life time experience, one that I learnt a lot of helpful things to apply in the future.

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  1. cool...present what's on your mind, as that will be more natural...