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When I sat down and look back to how the whole event has gone the first thing I thought about was not the sense of achievement nor the event itself, rather I thought about the amount of sweat,blood and toil into the preparation work. We managed squeezed our project into the mass amount of homework,projects,competitions,presentations and so on. With minimal time and manpower,

we forced ourselves to work after school hours, through the night burning mid night oil. Searching for sleepless teachers, seeking their help. To be utterly honest, I think the true heroes a

re the teachers, they had to juggle their workload and at the same time worry about our project progress. Time to time, our teacher mentors would call us in during break time and go through our products one by one. Indeed, the most troublesome one was our video, where we had to do five

drafts and go through many corrections. I still remember on the first day of the summit itself, Ms Loh found out that our report may have a big problem. Through numerous amendments and supervision of Mr Yeo, we managed to export the video, finish the keynote, print and bind the report and prepare our presentation on time. Indeed this is the most challenging part. Talking to the mirror was another preparation I conducted, which is to prepare me for the Reverse Mentoring Session. I constantly asked my parents to ask my d

ifficult questions for me to answer. Mdm Lee,Ms Loh and Ms Ng provided us with training as well. All in all, I think I spent a considerable effort to build my poise, the substance of my answers and the smile on my face.

So here comes the summit, how did it turn out? Actually after debating about the use of the monitor screen, we had a common consensus that we would use it for the video. The presenters Bryan and Kai Chek did fine, alternating their positions so that during a presentation one is resting. Joshua Loh and Joshua Ma were facilitating the report and the facebook page. Talking about the facebook page, I think it w
as a good idea to do so. At least it revives the facebook site itself, all thanks to Ms Loh! I am the “Anywhere” guy, I explain our project to visitors, introduce our school brochures to the educators and entertain them. I feel that I did quite a good job despite a bit of lack in communication as some of the educators have accents that are quite difficult to interpret. But I think more or less it turned out fine. The highlight of this summit is when a MOE officer “Interrogated” me about the applications of maths,science,geography,history,english in our project. I think I managed to handle it fine, I sure hope she thought the same.

The very next day I and several others facilitated a workshop known as “Learning Spaces”. I was very anxious about the first session. I had a group of educators from many places, one of which is Portuguese and so the group called themselves the learners in Portuguese . I guess I did a good job documenting their brainstormings to building the model and one thing I think was a good takeaway is that we should spend 3/4 of the time discussing/thinking/designing and only 1/4 of the time building. They focused on the integration of group discussion and maths learning and their idea turned out to be transparent cylinders with seats and a round table within for students to learn. The teacher is able to pop in any time to brief them on what to do next. I never thought of that! The second session turned out fine as well, just that I encountered a more practical group which talks while they do. Both have their pros and cons but I still support the thinking group. The practical group called themselves Van Gogh as they are focusing on arts and design in their learning space. This space features a podium with lots of stairs and platforms around for students to move about in. With posters,displays moving glass panes as white boards around. Their main objective is to create a learning space that allows students to move around and not have a fixed classroom. Building their curiosity and eagerness to learn.

The moment where I have been waiting for, the Reverse Mentoring Session. I think Mr Daniel Pink has done a good job facilitating the whole session picking us out one by one to answer a series of questions. Although I think I could have done much better in answering, I still thought I did a considerably good job and was quite relieved that I could answer the questions in proper english with less stops and mistakes. If I were given a second chance to step on that stage once again, I would improve on my participation and eagerness to answer the questions voluntarily. Honestly I was really nervous and was shaking when walking down the stage. Sometimes I had an idea of answering the question in mind yet the next second it disappeared. Well, I think that this session is a good platform for students to voice our their opinions to educators from all around the world, though I think my suggestion may not be as good, I hope these educators would pick up a few points from my sharing and apply them in their schools.

I would like to thank Mr Yeo, Mdm Lee, Ms Loh, Ms Ng, Bryan, Joshua Ma, Joshua Loh, Kai Chek for helping me to make this showcase or my sharing in the Reverse Mentoring Session possible. Other than that,I would like to thank all supporting staff from SST for making this Apple Summit Trip possible and for giving me this opportunity to present my feelings on stage and showcase my groups project. I would like to thank SOTA for hosting this major event as well as all educators who made a considerable effort to come all the way to Singapore just to listen to our projects and go through workshops.

I wouldn’t say I had a key takeaway, rather I would say that I had a new experience. From learning how to communicate well to being able to handle questions I think that all these are takeaways worth mentioning. I would simply put my experience in one line: The takeaway I would like to share with you is to open your mind, heart and soul to opinions form others and to give opinions to others.

Thank you all!

Calvin Heng


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  1. You're welcome. Without you, our group wouldn't have done well. Good work! :D