Apple Education Leadership Summit Reflection - Lee YuChong

Before the event, we were actually required to do a lot of thinking. Even though we have completed the projects, and should already have understood the entire project, we still needed to think further about the process of doing such a project, like how the project fits into the Challenge Based Learning Framework, how the process affected the results, etc. At first, when I did not really know how to go about talking about the process, as I kept thinking a showcase is about the final product, not so much of the process, and that without the product, talking about the process is useless. Luckily, I had my teachers to guide me along int the creation in the Keynote slide, to make sure that I am on the right track. After saying all that, I feel that I could have done my presentation better. I felt that my entire presentation was focused on the final product instead of the process of the project. I also feel that we could have planned the entire presentation much earlier so that we could practice the presentation much earlier and spot all the mistakes we had, and the ways we could make the presentation better. We should have planned everything every step of the way, instead of doing everything last minute. Technical errors happened and all these could have been avoided if we just prepared the presentation earlier.

During the Summit

Project Showcase

During the summit, it all went quite smoothly. From the preparation, to the actual presentation, there was not much hiccups. I think that, what I done well, is in talking to the person about what I had, everything I had planned originally went rather well and smoothly, even though I felt that I could have done much better. I also feel that I handled the questions rather well, providing the answer without the use of Singlish or being rude. I mainly have to improve my other communications skills or pre-empting the situation, by playing the event in my head many times.  There was some communication problems and so, when my team spit ourselves to take the boards and the slides, it was not communicated that a laptop was playing the interview, and that the blog was running on another device. Thus, people went away without viewing both of these things. We could have conveyed the plans better. I also felt that I could have made more effort in trying to talk to a larger group of people. Perhaps it is the skill of engaging others and respecting the person you are talking too. But in the end, those skills could have been learnt and with a bit of foreseeing, I could have found out what to do in those situation. During the presentation, I stuttered a bit, and it could be because of the lack of water, or the fact that the presentation was not rehearsed properly and rehearsed enough times. 

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Workshop Facilitation
During the workshop facilitation, I felt that I have generally helped out with the facilitation well. For example, keying in the inputs for the first session, and helping out with the actual building of the bridge. 
Session 1
During the first session, I was still rather unaware what exactly to do, and how to go about doing it. For example, the types of inputs I am supposed to provide and what to record. But I felt that the collection of information is rather okay, but in this session, I felt that there was much more I could be doing. For example, I could have provided a better answer for the questions posed by the group, like what I thought of was an innovative learning space. I could not really answer that question, as perhaps the reason was that I have not really encountered a memorable space, or just because I take these things for granted. Also, the roles planned for me and my group mate, it was not properly communicated, and I guess that both of us wanted to do our own thing. We only had access to one computer, and it was perhaps, because of stubbornness, but none of us was willing to pull back our actions. We could have made it clear and enforced it before and during the session. 
Session 2
Session 2 was a different story. After understanding what I was supposed to be doing, I got my head much further in the game. We had an influx on manpower, and certain people did not do what they were supposed to. Perhaps it was due to a misunderstanding, or just that jobs were being forced. I tried recording information down, but in the end, went to help out in the physical construction of the structure, by tearing put pieces of sticky tape continuously.
Overall, I felt that what I done well, was in helping out, the recording of information to the construction, and that the main thing I can do better, the communication of the group. 

Reverse Mentoring
I was involved in the reverse mentoring session. I felt that while I did not do that bad, I could have done better in many areas. I feel that my points that I have expressed were of considerable substance, and that I spoke proper English. I answered the questions directed at me without pausing or making awkward noises. As for where I could improve, basically, a much higher active participation of the entire session. I could have spoken much more, but did not. Instead of waiting for people to call upon me, I should have made myself more known and visible, so that I could express the points I wanted to. I could have been much more outgoing. I recalled I was feeling nervous then, but I believe, with enough practise, I could overcome that. My points could have made a much better impact, instead of the impact the points I said made. Also, I feel that I can also improve in my physical appearance. I was not aware of it, but it was not until I saw the photos, before I knew that I was considerably shorter than the rest. Either that really is true, or I am not fully sitting up straight. I made an effort not to slouch all the way, but I believe I was not sitting all the way up straight. I find that sometimes, I tend to repeat my points. 

I feel that my working with others can be considered good, but there were many conflicts between YuXiang and I. For example, the theme, the style of presenting, and basically, every other thing you can think of. But for this, we had to put aside our differences and work together to produce the presentation. It was all communication problems, perhaps, or just a difference in ideology. I constantly put down his ideas because of the difference in ideology. In the working together area, I feel that there is still a long way before I can work fully well with others, without being open minded. I always believe it is 2 ways. But even so, YuXiang did a good job. I would also like to thank Ms. Tay and Ms. Loh, for guiding us through the creation of the presentation and Ms. Lim, for getting us our copy of the interview at the last minute.

Key Takeaway

Overall, all the components of the event were fun and interesting. From the presenting to the reverse-mentoring, it was all fun and I hoped it would not end. I felt a bit unwilling to let go of the event. Now that I have been through such an event, I have a much better understanding of how it works, how I should go about making a successful presentation and showcase. Some key takeaways:
Practise, practise, practise! The event could have been done much better with more time, and by practising EVERYTHING. From the presentation to the Reverse Mentoring. It can all be pre-empt if I went to practise. Perhaps half of my problems would be gone if I had spent more time practising. 

Communication: I must express myself better and be more outgoing, and make myself noticed. Also, communication within the group must be accepted by everyone, with confirmations from everyone. Speaking with confidence, and speaking with impact are some of the things I have learnt. 
This event has been memorable for me and I am thankful for given the opportunity to attend this event, and I will not forget the things I have learnt and the experience I had.

Best Regards,
Lee YuChong


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  1. that's what most people lack, communication, even i have a problem in that, good luck in improving that skill :D