In 2011, the School of Science and Technology, Singapore was invited by Apple Inc to showcase our 1-to-1 ICT-enabled learning experience at the Apple Education Leadership Summit 2011, an international platform where educational leaders from all around the world will be attending this global event to learn about innovative teaching and learning.

As a student representative of SST, this was an invaluable opportunity for our students to interact with the international education leaders, share on his/her learning experiences in school, and gain exposure and new perspectives from this event. 

The 3-day event, attended by more than 400 educators, took place at the School of the Arts (SOTA), and we showcased subjects that took place within the classroom as well as those of our Global Citizenship Programme (GCP):
All in all, 23 Secondary 2 students presented the Summit.

Our Reflections

To all Project Presenters:

Pick at least one photograph and write about your experience and reflection. It should cover the following areas:
  • The Preparation
  • Actual Event - Project Showcase, Workshop Facilitation (when applicable), Reverse Mentoring (when applicable)
  • Things that you have done well
  • Things that you could have done better
  • Your working together with others, you may even want to express your appreciation to your team members and others
  • What is your KEY TAKEAWAY have learnt - in participation of such event
Please complete your reflection by 15 March 2011 (Tuesday).

    My reflection of the Apple Summit 2011 - Benjamin Fheng (12) S2-09

    The Preparation

    My classmate, Victor, and I were told that we were going to present for the Apple Summit 2011 and I was really curious to what it was all about. After a day of briefing, I was extremely excited at the fact that I was meeting people from Apple! I am a HUGE fan of Apple! This might be my only chance to meet someone famous from Apple! After the briefing, Victor and I clarified all our questions with our teacher, Mr Irfan, and started working on our presentation on a specific day that we were free.

    We were told that Kimberly and Millie were our "competitors" as they were selected to do the same project. I was definitely determined to win in terms of how many people would prefer my animation to theirs! We ran though our slides with our teachers many times and finally, three days before the event, we were ready.

    Actual event

    Day 1(Project presentation):
    We were told that we had to wear SST's formal attire and present in a place where there was NO air-conditioning. I immediately started to worry and freak out! I didn't want to create a river of sweat in my clothes!!! Once we got to SOTA, I was astonished at the magnificent sight of the school. The design of the school is absolutely amazing! The interior is a whole lot better than what the exterior looks like!

    We were taken to a room located a floor above our presentation booths and were briefed. We had lunch and played a few games to know more about one another in the whole room filled with SST students, SOTA students and the two girls from the Ladies Presbyterian College. We had a whole lot of fun and finally, it was time to present!

    We wore our jackets, got ready and brought the necessities for our presentation down to the booth. I immediately saw an air conditioner at the booth and heaved a sigh of relief. Now I wouldn't feel so warm anymore.

    When the guest educators from all over the world started rolling in, I started to get nervous as I am afraid I might say something wrong to them. At the beginning, it was quite hard to present, explain and satisfy and answer all the educator's questions and soon after awhile, got the hang of it and presented with ease.
    Presenting to SOTA girls

    Day 2(Workshop facilitation):

    We were first briefed and given out iPod touches to take photos, videos and recordings during the workshop and upload them. When the educators came into the rooms, I was assigned group "elephant" and 5 people sat down on the table and started introducing themselves to each other. They easily discussed what they were going to do for their project which was a theatre. I gave in my ideas and they immediately started working on it. I had loads of fun taking pictures and helping them out!

    After the first session, my schoolmates joined me in my group and we had at least 3 people in our group. The educators came into the room and introduced themselves to each other like the previous group. This group was not as engaging as the first session as their discussions were kept to themselves and did not really need our help or spoke to us. I preferred the first session much to the second one.

    My awesome group members from the first session!!

    Day 3(2nd Project presentation):

    The third and final day was here and a batch of educators came to the presentation booth again. There was a really kind man that we impressed on the first day that gave us a guide to how to create comics. We were certainly surprised and grateful! We had refreshments and our project showcase was running smoothly. We had the talk by Daniel Pink later on which quite interesting. And the most amazing thing is that I got a card with Mr. John Couch's signature on it! It was really an amazing day. As we packed our gear, we had a debrief and I was really reluctant to leave SOTA. I really had many amazing moments in here! I would definitely go to the next Apple Summit if I could!

    Me at our booth :)

    Things I done well

    I think I did pretty well on the third day as I was prepared and able to satisfy most of the educators that visited our booth. Many of them said they really liked our presentation which made my group members and I extremely happy!

    Things that could be improved

    I wish I could have been more confident in explaining and thought more about how to answer the possible questions that may be thrown to me.

    1 Key Takeaway

    The memories at the Apple Summit will be forever etched in my mind and it has inspired me that I can do much more than what I am doing now. It has also built up my confidence in presenting and I really enjoyed myself there! I loved the time at the Apple Summit!!!

    I would like to thank Mr. Irfan and Ms. Loh for their help, guidance and pictures! Thank you!
    I love and miss my air-con buddy SO much!!!! :')

    Reflections - Norullayaley

    The Preparation

    When Pasakorn and I were told that we would be representing our group to present our IH project on the ‘Recollections of a World War ll Survivor’ at the Apple Leadership Summit, I was really excited for it. Getting to present at an international summit, let alone for Apple, was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I was thankful for it.

    I wasn’t able to sit down and prepare the slides to present at the summit with Pasakorn because our schedules clashed (due to CCA, other projects, etc). We could only discuss about the preparation during the few minutes we had in between classes and after school. We communicated mainly via email, and we sent drafts of the slides to each other. Pasakorn created the main frame of the presentation slides, whilst I filled in all the details of the project and edited it. We were able to discuss about our slides with Ms Tay a few days before the actual presentation, and we made the necessary adjustments.

    Although I had other projects and performance tasks going on, I didn’t feel that the preparation for the summit was a burden. I looked forward to the summit, and I was sure I would gain many new experiences from it.

    Actual Event

    Project Showcase:

    At the actual event, the project presenters had to wear the school’s formal attire. I felt proud to be able to represent SST at an international level. With the formal attire, we portrayed ourselves smartly and I think that gave a good first impression to the educators present at the showcase.

    As educators from around the world poured into the showcase area, I was nervous, because I was afraid I might mess up while presenting to them. Having said that, the nervousness wore off as the educators were friendly and encouraging. They seemed genuinely interested in our project. They would constantly praise our work, saying things like “Good job!” or “Excellent!”. They also gave us suggestions, such as uploading our podcast online so that others would be able to access it.

    Pasakorn and I shared a booth with YuChong and See To. We were both presenting the same project, Recollections of a World War ll Survivor, but they presented on the framework of the project whilst we presented our final product and personal experiences we gained (such as conducting an interview). The atmosphere of the showcase was pleasant, and the smile that was constantly on my face was not a forced one.

    At the end of the showcase, I was exhausted from walking around in my new court shoes and talking for hours. I made friends with a few of the SOTA students who were there that night and also the girls from the Presbyterian Ladies' College in Perth, Australia.

    Workshop Facilitation:

    For the workshop facilitation, we had to become journalists and document the educators’ thinking process in creating a learning space. We were given an iPod touch and a Macbook White to take pictures and document their discussion online on the Wiki page created for the session. That’s exactly what I did most of the time during the workshop facilitation, although sometimes the educators would ask me for my opinions.

    Over the two days, as we did a lot of talking and/or moving around, I was pretty thirsty most of the time and I felt like I would die of thirst if I didn’t get some water. Fortunately, the staff from Apple did not neglect our needs and constantly made sure to provide us with bottled drinks.

    Things that you have done well

    I think I have done well speaking to the educators, as I gave them honest responses and tried to be a pleasant presenter by smiling a lot (I hope I didn’t look fake) even though my feet was aching because I wasn’t used to wearing court shoes. I also made sure to approach any of the educators who seemed to be interested in our project.

    Things that you could have done better

    I think I could have been more prepared in answering the questions. Whenever I didn’t know how to answer a question posed to me by an educator, I would ask Pasakorn to answer the educator. I know what I did was not appropriate by redirecting the question to someone else, but at that moment of panic, I was unable to subtly avoid the question.


    I am grateful to the teachers who chose my group’s project to present at the summit. If my group had not been chosen, I wouldn’t have been given this rare opportunity to present at the Apple Leadership Summit. I would also like to thank Ms Tay for helping me and Pasakorn in our preparation for the project presentation. Also not forgetting other teachers present at the summit that helped us.

    Thank you :)

    Norullayaley bte Mohd Ikbal

    BENZ Kew: Reflection of ALS #2011

    Project Showcase: ADMT–The Elderly Challenge


    A) Deepest gratitude and appreciation to SST, Ms Loh Kwai Yin & Mr Irfan Darian for putting me up on the world stage with their tremendous efforts and hardwork in mentoring and preparing us for ALS #2011.

    Janet Wozniak and BENZ Kew

    B) My teammates (Hardy She
    in and Shawn Tan), supportive peers and teachers.
    C) Janet Wozniak for her encouragement and useful tips.

    iWoz: Book recommendation by Janet Wozniak.

    I'm looking forward to purchase a copy soon.


    During preparation, we had to get ready our presentation slides and present to the distinguished Apple delegates with confidence. We followed the Challenged-based learning framework to work with our slides. It was quite a hard time for me to scale my information down to 14-15 slides to fine tune it. When we were satisfied with our presentation, Mr Irfan and Ms Loh gave us advice on how to improve on our slides and started to ask us questions with our presentation to ensure that we could answer the delegates with ease.

    During Event:

    Day 1 at SOTA (Project Presentation)

    -It was a very tiring and humid day as we had to stand and present all day long with our blazers. Seeing the Apple educators smile and appreciated what I had done, I still carried on with my day with a smile and presented to the educators with ease. I was quite nervous at first, as they were strangers to me. The crowd was very noisy and I had to speak louder to let the educators hear me.

    Day 2 at SOTA (Workshop Facilitation)

    -It was a fine day and the event was successful. It was the first time I actually held an iPodTouch and used it, with a Macbook White with me. We had ample breaks to rest and the workshop rooms were air-conditioned. I took pictures and uploaded to Learning Spaces and the educators were very friendly and approachable. It was a very hands-on experience for me as we got to create learning spaces and structures with simple tools (e.g. Plasticine and Paper). We also received our Apple caps and notebooks at the end of the day too.

    Day 3 at SOTA (Project Presentation and Daniel Pink's Talk)

    -I had more confidence talking to the educators and there were not many educators who came and visited our booth as it was placed far behind. Once we got everything set up, we went upstairs and ate our lunch. We had better foresight on what will be going on so we came prepared with more tables and fan cooler.
    -When our presentations ended, we went up to the lecture theater for a talk by Daniel Pink and the topic is Motivational Science: What drives us to our potential. He talked about having DIY Report Cards and Fedex Days. It was very educational and they are the reasons for motivation. We must do what we are interested in, and example by Daniel Pink is that there are 2 Nobel prize winners for physics where they discovered Graffine which is a very strong substance during their 20% free time and the other 80% were spent on their main work and research.

    1 Key Takeaway:

    The summit has upgraded me to a new horizon and spectrum and I look forward to another Apple event in the near future.

    Conclusion: A Million Thanks to our Guardian Angel's Watchful Eye for keeping us watched, intact and accomplishing the event.


    BENZ Kew =)

    Apple Leadership Summit 2011- Reflections by Christopher John

    Project 5: Importance of Protecting the Sovereignty of a Nation - from the Vietnamese Perspective

    Three Days, One Lifetime

    The Apple Leadership Summit 2011 has
    been a fantastic experience. Not many are fortunate to experience this.

    The Apple Leadership Summit is a place for global networking for educators from all over the world. This is also a place for pupils to showcase their hard work, work that was compiled from their sweat and time.

    Process of making the Presentation

    Knowing that the Apple Leadership Summit is where many highly educated educators will be, I felt worried that my presentation will not up to their standards. I was also worried that I will not be able to ready my presentation on time. In other words, I was constantly worrying about my presentation but I soon found out that the presentation was not all important.

    The Day

    On the day of the Apple Summit, I found out that the presentation was not really important but more on how to reply to the questions the educators ask. Some educators ask simple questions like "How long is your trip to Ho Chi Minh?" while other educators asked simple trick questions like "What is the Vietnamese currency?" A few educators ask questions which requires correct phrasing like "Since you say that Vietnamese people are friendly, how about Singaporeans?"

    The Apple Leadership Summit has given me much experience that only a selected handful of other pupils will experience also. I thank Mr Lam and Miss Loh for selecting me and the other members of this project to showcase in the Apple Leadership Summit.

    Thank You

    Reflections - Kimberly Ong

    Photo Courtesy of Irfan Darian

    I would like to first thank the teachers who chosen our group to present at the Apple Summit this year. I indeed learn a lot. It was a whole new experience and I would like to share what I experienced through this platform.

    Frankly speaking, we did not prepare much for our presentation as we documented our information in the process of completing our project last year. However, we have reorganized the information according to the Challenge-Based Learning structure as our project was not designed based on that in the first place. We also have to change some terms we use in our reports as those were only used to local context as our teacher in charge, Mr Irfan pointed out that some of the educators from other countries might not understand. Thus, we find diagrams to illustrate our ideas and change the terms we used in our slides. In my opinions, the few sessions that Mr Irfan conduct with our group, including others who are also presenting projects related to ADMT was helpful because Mr Irfan gave us constructive advices on the way we present our ideas, the design of our slides, etc. I would like to thank Mr Irfan for the advices and help he provided us before the event.

    Another than being chosen to present our project at the Apple Summit, I was also chosen to attend the Reverse Mentoring initiated by Daniel H. Pink. When I was informed, I felt really excited as I know that it was a rare opportunity to represent the school and it was a form of acknowledgment of my efforts I put my work for me. At the same time, I also realize that it will not be an easy task for me even though I know what to say as I could not articulate my words properly. However, teachers like Ms Loh, Ms Patricia Ng and Mrs Lim for sacrificing their precious time to conduct session to prepare us for the real event. Through the sessions, I learnt how to answer question properly, etc. I also learnt how to present myself in front of others on stage. For examples, when I smile more, I look less nervous (which is quite difficult for me as I do not really smile very often) and to take note of our culottes when we sit down. I really do appreciate the teachers’ efforts in preparing us for the Reverse Mentoring.

    On the first day of the actual event, I was feeling quite tired as I had I&E assessment that morning and I need to prepare for another presentation for my competition that afternoon. Millie, my group member, was also not feeling well and she could not help but to take a nap that afternoon. Our energy level were quite low till we meet the energized SOTA students and the friendly foreigns students who are also presenting at the event. With the sumptuous dinner and the games we played with other students from other schools, we are all fully charged again. On that day, we just realized that our group will be sharing a booth with Benjamin and Victor. At first, we got a bit frantic but we kind of figured out that we could take turns to present and the group not presenting can take the chance to rest too. However, we did not get the chance to rest as it was quite a crowd so the we have the other group by presenting on our project at the same time. We did not really make good use of our slides as the educators were more interested in knowing our experiences, how our teachers help use in our projects, the applications and platform we use, which were not on the slides we prepared, rather than what we did for the project. In general, the presentation went quite successfully on the first day and the third day. However, I could have done better if we went forward to the educators to present our project than waiting for them to approach us. On the second day of the event, I took initiative to help out in the Workshop Facilitation. Though during the first session, I was confused over what to do even after the briefing, I went with the flow and found myself getting used with helping the educators with the modeling and documenting the ideas the ideas they generated. However, I did not really have the chance to express my opinions. I think I could have done better if I took upon myself to share with the educators my ideas.

    I would like to thank Millie, my team member who presented at the event with me. I was glad that I have another member to help me with the presentation as I had a heavy workload that period. I actually forgot to prepare the slides before when we meet up with Mr Irfan for consultation. Luckily, Millie remember to do so. I am also grateful to those who share a booth with our booth, Benjamin & Victor. They had helped us to attend to the educators when we need to take a break and they also got drinks for us.

    I guess I will not say that I have learnt some key takeaway but I had an enriching experience at the Apple Summit. I really enjoyed interacting with the educators and I had some inspirations after hearing their ideas.

    Thank you.

    Kimberly Ong

    Thoughts and Feelings - Shawn Tan

    Everything starts and ends with a lovely smile!

    During the preparation period before the actual event, everyone was pretty nervous and stuff was pretty messy. With the intense preparation of slides and stuff, free time just got lesser which got me rather annoyed as I didn’t understand at first why do I have to do so much work just for this event. But as time goes by and the event closing in, I had no choice but to do what I am obliged to.

    Because of the ironic fact that being nervous should be the standard protocol for participants of major event and I weren’t. I didn’t do any preparation pretty much until the last moment so I had overwhelming work for that few days before the event. So, the pre-event part was pretty much not enjoyable.

    The way which we prepared for the actual event was speaking in front of our teachers and friends which was pretty comfortable. But when the actual event is here all the scenarios that are expected to happen just became invalid.

    Fortunately or unfortunately, I was able to adapt to the situation at a considerably fast pace because I hadn’t prepare a script of what am I supposed to share hence I can share everything under the world that is relevant. The flexibility of what I can do just builds on to my confidence.

    So for the actual event I shared pretty much of everything with the educators, from my learning experiences to my personal life because of varying educator wanting to know ranging specifications.

    And the pre-event was the contrary of the actual event. The sharing of our learning experiences with educators that are willing to hear us out just made our effort worthwhile. With every node comes affirmation that our fruit of labour has bear fruit just make me feel more accomplished.

    The event also provided me with the chance to attend the keynote presentation by famous motivational speaker Daniel Pink. His talk was awesome and I really enjoyed it. I am more motivated and determined in whatever I do now.

    This event has been a great learning experience for me. I not only learn how the teacher thinks but also how the teachers and educators care for us, students. I also become more motivated and probably wiser. In future, if I get the opportunity to do the same again, I promise to do better.

    In conclusion, this event has been a wonderful learning experience for me and I hope to get more of such experiences.

    Apple Leadership Summit 2011 Reflection - Hardy

    Project: The Elderly Challenge (ADMT)

    From product to Presentation
    I think that from the very beginning, I was quite worried about how I was going to present my product in the best possible way. In my opinion, my product was one that did not have much to show. During the few weeks of preparation with Mr Irfan and Miss Loh, I was able to realize that it was not really all about the product, but it was to give a sense that I was able to comprehend the CBL framework and show how I could use this experience in the framework with future projects.
    Presentation Day
    The other two gentlemen who were presenting on the same project, Benz and Shawn, worked with me at the booth and planned on how we were going to present. Each of us had already prepared Keynote slides. Ironically, through out the entire presentation,  I did not touch my Keynote presentation at all. I went on presenting what came to my mind. It felt more natural for me as I answered whatever question popped up.
    This Summit certainly gave me a once in a life time experience, one that I learnt a lot of helpful things to apply in the future.

    Reflections — Joshua Ma

    Before the Apple Leadership Summit

    Mainly, throughout most of the time we had for preparation, we were rushing to keep up with all the deadlines for all the different parts of our presentation such as the video, presentation slides, and lastly, our report on the process we went through, mostly about Challenge Based Learning. There was also an issue with music for the video as most were considered inappropriate by teachers, but we finally managed to use one in the end though it was pretty loud.

    Actual Project Showcase

    Firstly, we had a little of an argument over the roles as I felt I did not want to be in charge of the Facebook area as I felt it was pretty awkward getting people to stand in front of a camera, asking them for their pictures. However, they insisted that I had to man that area and I had no choice but to do so and soon got accustomed to it but I didn’t always get people to leave their thoughts and feelings about our project on the Facebook page as most of them just walked off after I explained to them our project. However, half way through the whole thing Calvin gave me what he called an “instant upgrade” getting me to walk up to other people to explain our project to them, which I felt was simple enough. Overall, everything turned out better than expected for me.

    The day after that, I was involved in a workshop facilitation. I felt that the first group was much friendlier than the second one, thinking that the second group must be wanting to go home as soon as possible as it was in the afternoon already. I didn’t socialise as much as I am sure should have been expected but I managed to do my job which was to take down their progress.

    Things Done Well and Not Well

    I think that I managed to approach the people attending the project showcase comfortably and managed to explain our ideas well to the customers who approached us.

    I find that I should be more sociable when it comes to workshop facilitation so that I will be able to help the team more and they can do their work more at ease rather than with a person whom they treat as a stranger.

    Appreciation : I would like to thank my whole group - Kai Chek, Calvin, Bryan and Joshua Loh as they have helped with all the different parts of the presentation, Mr Yeo and Ms Loh, for helping us through the process especially by giving us challenging questions to work on. I would also like to thank the Apple Leadership Summit organisers as if they had not chosen Singapore to hold the event, I would not have had such an experience, along with SOTA who helped to host the program.

    Key Takeaway

    I feel that the most valuable lesson I have learnt from this event is the event itself. I have learnt about formal events and how different people are able to communicate ideas to others and I have also learnt how to present my ideas to others and to convince them to support our cause, along with answering or deflecting questions when the need arises.

    Apple Education Leadership Summit Reflection @ Calvin Heng

    When I sat down and look back to how the whole event has gone the first thing I thought about was not the sense of achievement nor the event itself, rather I thought about the amount of sweat,blood and toil into the preparation work. We managed squeezed our project into the mass amount of homework,projects,competitions,presentations and so on. With minimal time and manpower,

    we forced ourselves to work after school hours, through the night burning mid night oil. Searching for sleepless teachers, seeking their help. To be utterly honest, I think the true heroes a

    re the teachers, they had to juggle their workload and at the same time worry about our project progress. Time to time, our teacher mentors would call us in during break time and go through our products one by one. Indeed, the most troublesome one was our video, where we had to do five

    drafts and go through many corrections. I still remember on the first day of the summit itself, Ms Loh found out that our report may have a big problem. Through numerous amendments and supervision of Mr Yeo, we managed to export the video, finish the keynote, print and bind the report and prepare our presentation on time. Indeed this is the most challenging part. Talking to the mirror was another preparation I conducted, which is to prepare me for the Reverse Mentoring Session. I constantly asked my parents to ask my d

    ifficult questions for me to answer. Mdm Lee,Ms Loh and Ms Ng provided us with training as well. All in all, I think I spent a considerable effort to build my poise, the substance of my answers and the smile on my face.

    So here comes the summit, how did it turn out? Actually after debating about the use of the monitor screen, we had a common consensus that we would use it for the video. The presenters Bryan and Kai Chek did fine, alternating their positions so that during a presentation one is resting. Joshua Loh and Joshua Ma were facilitating the report and the facebook page. Talking about the facebook page, I think it w
    as a good idea to do so. At least it revives the facebook site itself, all thanks to Ms Loh! I am the “Anywhere” guy, I explain our project to visitors, introduce our school brochures to the educators and entertain them. I feel that I did quite a good job despite a bit of lack in communication as some of the educators have accents that are quite difficult to interpret. But I think more or less it turned out fine. The highlight of this summit is when a MOE officer “Interrogated” me about the applications of maths,science,geography,history,english in our project. I think I managed to handle it fine, I sure hope she thought the same.

    The very next day I and several others facilitated a workshop known as “Learning Spaces”. I was very anxious about the first session. I had a group of educators from many places, one of which is Portuguese and so the group called themselves the learners in Portuguese . I guess I did a good job documenting their brainstormings to building the model and one thing I think was a good takeaway is that we should spend 3/4 of the time discussing/thinking/designing and only 1/4 of the time building. They focused on the integration of group discussion and maths learning and their idea turned out to be transparent cylinders with seats and a round table within for students to learn. The teacher is able to pop in any time to brief them on what to do next. I never thought of that! The second session turned out fine as well, just that I encountered a more practical group which talks while they do. Both have their pros and cons but I still support the thinking group. The practical group called themselves Van Gogh as they are focusing on arts and design in their learning space. This space features a podium with lots of stairs and platforms around for students to move about in. With posters,displays moving glass panes as white boards around. Their main objective is to create a learning space that allows students to move around and not have a fixed classroom. Building their curiosity and eagerness to learn.

    The moment where I have been waiting for, the Reverse Mentoring Session. I think Mr Daniel Pink has done a good job facilitating the whole session picking us out one by one to answer a series of questions. Although I think I could have done much better in answering, I still thought I did a considerably good job and was quite relieved that I could answer the questions in proper english with less stops and mistakes. If I were given a second chance to step on that stage once again, I would improve on my participation and eagerness to answer the questions voluntarily. Honestly I was really nervous and was shaking when walking down the stage. Sometimes I had an idea of answering the question in mind yet the next second it disappeared. Well, I think that this session is a good platform for students to voice our their opinions to educators from all around the world, though I think my suggestion may not be as good, I hope these educators would pick up a few points from my sharing and apply them in their schools.

    I would like to thank Mr Yeo, Mdm Lee, Ms Loh, Ms Ng, Bryan, Joshua Ma, Joshua Loh, Kai Chek for helping me to make this showcase or my sharing in the Reverse Mentoring Session possible. Other than that,I would like to thank all supporting staff from SST for making this Apple Summit Trip possible and for giving me this opportunity to present my feelings on stage and showcase my groups project. I would like to thank SOTA for hosting this major event as well as all educators who made a considerable effort to come all the way to Singapore just to listen to our projects and go through workshops.

    I wouldn’t say I had a key takeaway, rather I would say that I had a new experience. From learning how to communicate well to being able to handle questions I think that all these are takeaways worth mentioning. I would simply put my experience in one line: The takeaway I would like to share with you is to open your mind, heart and soul to opinions form others and to give opinions to others.

    Thank you all!

    Calvin Heng


    Apple Education Leadership Summit Reflection - Lee YuChong

    Before the event, we were actually required to do a lot of thinking. Even though we have completed the projects, and should already have understood the entire project, we still needed to think further about the process of doing such a project, like how the project fits into the Challenge Based Learning Framework, how the process affected the results, etc. At first, when I did not really know how to go about talking about the process, as I kept thinking a showcase is about the final product, not so much of the process, and that without the product, talking about the process is useless. Luckily, I had my teachers to guide me along int the creation in the Keynote slide, to make sure that I am on the right track. After saying all that, I feel that I could have done my presentation better. I felt that my entire presentation was focused on the final product instead of the process of the project. I also feel that we could have planned the entire presentation much earlier so that we could practice the presentation much earlier and spot all the mistakes we had, and the ways we could make the presentation better. We should have planned everything every step of the way, instead of doing everything last minute. Technical errors happened and all these could have been avoided if we just prepared the presentation earlier.

    During the Summit

    Project Showcase

    During the summit, it all went quite smoothly. From the preparation, to the actual presentation, there was not much hiccups. I think that, what I done well, is in talking to the person about what I had, everything I had planned originally went rather well and smoothly, even though I felt that I could have done much better. I also feel that I handled the questions rather well, providing the answer without the use of Singlish or being rude. I mainly have to improve my other communications skills or pre-empting the situation, by playing the event in my head many times.  There was some communication problems and so, when my team spit ourselves to take the boards and the slides, it was not communicated that a laptop was playing the interview, and that the blog was running on another device. Thus, people went away without viewing both of these things. We could have conveyed the plans better. I also felt that I could have made more effort in trying to talk to a larger group of people. Perhaps it is the skill of engaging others and respecting the person you are talking too. But in the end, those skills could have been learnt and with a bit of foreseeing, I could have found out what to do in those situation. During the presentation, I stuttered a bit, and it could be because of the lack of water, or the fact that the presentation was not rehearsed properly and rehearsed enough times. 

    *Click to read more!

    Apple Leadership Summit - Reflection by See To Yu Xiang

    The preparation :
    Upon seeing the arrival of the guests, I was already scared out of my wits, and I believed everybody else was. So during the briefing before the presentation started, we were all extremely tense (Refer to photo). 
    Actual Event : 
    As for the project showcase, I was actually presenting with Yu Chong on our Inter-Disciplinary Project Work (Subject) Project, which was ‘A Survivor’s Recollection of the War’. Before the presentation started, I actually had a lot of fears on what might happen, for example, ‘Will the audience get bored?’, ‘Will I experience any technical difficulties?’, ‘What will happen if someone asks a question that is hard for me to answer?’ etc. 
    But when I was actually presenting, I found that it was extremely fun to present, and also to socialize and interact with the educators. They actually commented and said that our project was quite well done, and a lot of them were actually captivated by the whole presentation, and majority even stood through the whole presentation, which lasted 15 minutes long on average! (Even though I wasn’t expecting them to do so). They asked a lot of questions regarding our Challenge Based Learning framework, the span of our project, our school etc, which luckily, I could answer all. I also found all these questions posted to me at that point of time quite interesting, as some of which I had not even thought of before, and had to think of good answers straight on the spot. 
    But the biggest problem that I faced was, actually getting dehydrated and resulting in me not being able to articulate clearly some of the points. Since a whole session of presentation can actually last up to 15 minutes long, and there was actually 40 over slides for me to present, I found out that I actually got dehydrated quite easily, and when I am dehydrated, I couldn’t really articulate my presentation that clearly. If given a second chance to do a presentation like this again, I will definitely bring along a 1 liter bottle! 
    Key Take-aways and learning points from this event :
    Some learning points and key-takeaways for me, from this event, would be :
    1. Learning how to socialize with people that I do not know very well, and articulating to them clearly about the project.
    2. Learning how to collaborate with my group mate, Yu Chong. There was numerous occasions where we had to combine our resources, and agree on a few things where we would both need to agree on. 
    Image :

    The above image shows me and Yu Chong preparing for the presentation

    Yu Xiang

    Reflection by Joshua Loh

    Before the actual events

    In our group, we did not have a lot of time to prepare due to many of our projects (We cannot have everyone meet up to finish certain tasks). Thus we were rushing to get everything ready during the last few days before the actual events. For myself, I did not get a lot of sleep due to the synergetic effect of this project and other projects. Fortunately during the events, I did not feel sleepy as this is a one of a kind experience.

    Project showcase

    The project showcase was not really what I expected. The tables were much smaller and there was no booths which look like those in a carnival which I expected. One other thing was the big screen provided. I expected it to be like the projector screen in our schools. Anyway, the presentation still went quite smoothly and we got quite a few people to support us on Facebook which I thought was a great idea. I think I need to speak louder and try to get more people’s attention as many people had to lean close to me to hear what I was saying and I missed a few chances to get people to look at our showcase. I think we spread the work out quite well. The flow was good—presentation slides, research report and video with pictures alongside to allow people to visualise how the situation in Halong Bay is like.

    Workshop facilitation

    The workshop facilitation was an engaging, interesting and memorable experience. The job given to us was easier than I thought. Although on the website it tells us at what time intervals do we take a photo or video, we never really followed it; we just took photos all throughout the way and I forgot to do the interview with one of the group members! The educators were quite friendly and talked to each other as if they already knew each other very well beforehand. It was the first time I got to use the iPod as well.


    I learned a lot about the processes involved in such showcases like how to spread out the work, communication with the audience, etc. I learned how to speak more confidently to people and I also gained a better overview of how education systems work and how it affects us. I would like to thank everyone who made this possible and my teammates as they were awesome! It was a unique experience and I would never forget it!

    Reflection@Apple Summit 2011-By Lai Ziying

    It was indeed a privilege for me to take part in the Apple Summit this year which provided me with opportunities to interact educators from worldwide and once again, to reflect deeply upon the purposes for me to pursue the goals in my academic areas. 
    The project which I was in-charged of was Interdisciplinary Project Work (IPW) which I worked on with my group members last year on the topic “World War Two”. For the stage of preparation, other than coming up with new keynote slides, I went through all the files and work done for this IPW and got mesmerized in the fond memories again. By then, I was ready to deliver all my heart-felt learning experiences with my audience on the very next day.
    At the actual event, the educators from worldwide arrived soon after my group’s set-up was done. I was deeply appreciated by the educators who visited my booth and they showed an immense enthusiasm towards my group’s project and that made me feel a greater sense of the value of my presence. Led by curiosity, the educators asked me a wide range of questions which I enjoyed answering so much that time elapsed swiftly before I realised that it was time for the Reverse Mentoring Session.
    Despite my experiences being on stage for numerous times, my heart beat increased rapidly even the second before I got hold of the microphone and began introducing myself to the hundreds of educators who were seated in the audience. I am grateful to Mr Dan Pink who initiated the Reverse Mentoring Session which enabled the students to voice out their true feelings towards learning in schools and the opinions expressed by the students supported what he was going to present for his presentation. 
    After the whole event, I met three educators outside School of the Arts (SOTA) who were among the crowd of dispersal. They told me to persevere on and go the way I want to move towards to courageously. 
    At the very end of this event, there is one key take-away which I would like to share with you, who is reading this reflection, and that is we should spare time for ourselves to do the things which we like to do and not told to do. Also, we should remain critical towards all things, including education systems. Only so, we are able to create a better world.

    Thank you for your time and appreciation.
    Lai Ziying
    School of Science and Technology, Singapore


    The Preparation
    Apparently there was a briefing about Apple Summit that took place in January where my group members were aware of whereas I did not know of such a thing so I was a bit blurred and confused when I was informed about presenting at the showcase

    Kimberly and I had other competitions and projects to work on, such as the Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition and the I&E Destination Imagination project, so it was kind of difficult to cope with all these projects. Due to our CCAs and other commitments, our group members could not find time to work on our projects together. We resorted to doing our projects in the ADMT room while Kimberly and I were working on our Apple Summit presentation simultaneously

    Actual Event - Project Showcase
    It was a once in a lifetime chance to present at the Apple Summit. I was very excited when I saw the different educators that came from different countries, Australia, Mexico, Philippines… It was a challenge to understand their different accents but I felt more globally connected when I was communicating with theses educators. I gladly showcased our group’s project and I hope that they have learnt something from our presentation.

    Also, I was very shocked when these educators, especially the Australian educators, kept on praising us. “Good job!” “Well done!” “That’s very clever!” “Excellent! ” I felt a sense of satisfaction when they recognized our work. I went home and told my father about this and he told me that it is their “tradition” to keep praising students so that they feel encouraged and that they would do better. This makes me wonder why Singaporean teachers do not praise us as much instead they scold us when we do something wrong

    Workshop Facilitation
    Although it was awkward, it was fun seeing the educators working together in a group

    During the workshop facilitation, I realized one thing : educators are just like us students, when working in a group there is always the one who takes charge, the one who does all manual work, the quiet one who does whatever he/she is told, the one who keeps voicing out their opinions and finally, the slacker.

    Well, in the first session, there was an educator who was hard of hearing, so he did not contribute much to the group work. Maybe it was not his fault that I grouped him into the “slacker” group, I mean, he was hard of hearing, so he did not really care about the work since he could not hear or understand what his group members were doing

    Things that you have done well
    I think that I have done well in speaking to the educators. Also, although this does not concern the Apple Summit, I think I have coped well in wearing court shoes. I went home with blisters but at least I managed to survive the whole event in those new and uncomfortable shoes.

    Things that you could have done better
    To be honest, Kimberly did most of the preparation work. I only did the outline of the keynote slides. Also, she had to cope with her drama CCA since SYF was nearing and she also took charge of our SAFMC project. So I am really impressed by her. Looking back, I should have put in more effort so that I could reduce Kimberly’s work load

    Your working together with others, you may even want to express your appreciation to your team members and others
    This was the first time I have worked with Benjamin and Victor. We took turns to guard the stand and present to the educators. They were constantly trying to make Kimberly and me feel comfortable in the environment by bringing us drinks and also adjusting the speed of the “air-con buddy” (the fan that kept us cool), so I would like to thank them for helping us in this event. Also, I would like to thank Kimberly for helping our group in this presentation. Like I said, she did most of the work so the credit goes to her
    I also made friends from SOTA (one of which is the daughter of one of our guitar ensemble’s instructor) and Australia (Presbyterian Ladies' College)

    What is your KEY TAKEAWAY have learnt - in participation of such event
    - I learnt to speak confidently to people of other countries. Although I may still be nervous when speaking, I am slowly learning how to overcome that fear and this event lets me remember the time where I spoke to people whom I did not know. Where I spoke to people of different accents. Where I spoke to people from different countries.

    Reflection: Pasakorn Konwohrachet

    "We're ready for presentation!"

    Before the Summit

    Preparations for the Apple Education Leadership Summit 2011 had begun since the beginning of the year. When I heard I was picked, I was a bit concerned. We had Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) to rehearse for, assessments of SST's academic subjects, as well as performance tasks for others. It was a juggle we had to take. Everything clashed with each other.

    We were officially informed of the date, as well as our participation, of the Summit later in February. Preparations for presentation material officially began. You might think, "Hey! You've done the project already, there's nothing else to prepare!" Wrong. The slides we prepared took about 2 weeks, not inclusive of rehearsals or the boards we needed.

    The heat and anticipation grew. The week before the summit, I had 2 tests, and I knew that the day after the summit, Monday, I would have another 2. We managed to give in our best at the time, and I feel that was sufficient.

    Project Showcase

    Our two different showcases happened on Friday, March 4th and Sunday, March 6th. During the event, we met many different educators and showed them our project. (Some of them were surprised that we accomplished a task so difficult as interviewing a 70-80 year old World War II) We gathered many comments that we could eventually use in our other projects. For example, one educator suggested creating follow-ups of our History podcast and posting them onto iTunes for viewers around the world to enjoy.

    They were warm and welcoming, and sincere. Any questions they had were related to our views as students and the project framework or syllabus. Some of the questions made us thought even harder into our project. One example was, "Do you think Challenge-Based Learning can be applied to other subjects (Geography) to solve a real world problem?" I never thought about Geography in the CBL context before, but his example of a real world problem (Over-population in China, something we learnt last year) is probably something that SST and its students can expand on.

    Workshop Facilitation

    At the "Learning Spaces" workshop, I was mostly directly involved in communicating with my group of educators, as compared to taking photos and typing on the wiki. What I found out from both my sessions was that teachers are very open to ideas when working on a team project. They both felt that flexible learning spaces were better than one that was suited to only one subject, as they can be adapted easily.

    All in all, the workshop facilitation was a first for me. I loved the atmosphere and the enthusiasm of the educators,

    Reverse Mentoring

    Here's one I would love to talk about. Facilitated by Dan Pink, we were guided by him to answer questions and give frank opinions as students on the school's systems and curriculum. Stage experience was nothing new for me, but the style was something completely different to what I was used to. I felt that it was better for us to let go and relax while being questioned in front of the audience, as compared to a more formal one. All of us had been 'trained' before, but our answers can only be true if we take it from our heart, be natural and reveal our true feelings. Over the reverse mentoring, I found out a lot more about the girls from Perth, as well as thoughts I had never heard before. (SST students like drama, while SOTA students like biology...) Dan was a great facilitator and I loved the experience. If only it lasted a few hours...

    Reflection of AELS2011 — Bryan Goh

       Things unexpected always appear don’t they? It’s been so common that we should have expected them to appear, but there are things we just couldn’t prepare for. 
       The report…,presentation... and also the video, troubles appearing simultaneously, one after another as if they were made to kill us. Later on, it wasn’t made to kill but made to test us. Our perseverance. We made it, not alone, but as a team. With help from Ms Loh, Mr Yeo and the staff for the ICT helpdesk .Without them, things could still be completed, however, without them, we would not have been able to finish he task on time, without them, we would never have something so professional, something that I feel is what I would never have accomplished. I guess the nights that I have stayed up late for, the mornings I have worked up early, me giving up my recess, lunch and even my weekends all paid off. Looking at the different educators who visited our booth, their astonishment, knowing that we are only 13, 14 year old kids, all aspiring for one aim, saving Ha Long Bay. I know and we all know, what we have done were not in vain. 
      During this course of preparation even during the showcase itself and also after the showcase, I was constantly reflecting. What could have been improved? This question kept hovering in my mind. But every time, I could only think of one answer. If only time was in our hands, if only we could freeze time, do whatever we had to do and unfreeze it to do. But too bad, this will never happen. If only, not only I, but the team together had better time management, everything could have been done faster and better. We did not have had to constantly get teachers for help for they have their already busy lives to lead. 
      However, there were things I thought I did well and we did well as a team. To me, what I did well was to really get the team together, contact the team mates reminding them about work to do, encouraging them during the showcase itself(as it was very hot and everyone was sweating) and even taking the initiative to get the report, keynote, facebook page and also the poster done. All I never thought I would do. What had motivated me to do all those, like what Daniel H. Pink explained, it’s the final outcome, the sense of achievement after success that keeps me going. I would like to say that these has been a great opportunity for me. Learning new things about the world, my friends and even myself. 
    However, all these could not have been possible if not for the tireless efforts put in by teammates and I would like to specially thank Calvin. Kai Chek has since improved, handing in work punctually since the event and even taking the initiative  to present, something he would have never done in the past. Joshua Ma, even having a fever, gave his best, held on. I’ve never seen someone sacrificing so much, not for himself but for the team. There’s Joshua Loh too, always the first to complete the work, the universal truth, never late and always punctual, a quality which I love most. 
       Here I am, talking about my team mates yet I forgot the most important people. The teachers, Mr Yeo, Ms Loh and many others.  Without them, we would not been able to have this opportunity to attend the summit. Without them, I would have never learn more about the world, the team and also myself. Without them , I would also not have been able to make new friends. Thank you teachers, I am really grateful for what you have done, not for yourself, but for us and the school. 
       Dan Pink, a famous author, however not famous enough for me to know at first. However after attending the summit, I learned, who he was and also the truth about motivation. And I have also bought a book, not just any book but a book by him. Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us. But for that, I also have to thank my mum. Although I just wished for that book. She turned that to reality. One day after knowing I wanted that book, she immediately went to popular to get it for me. Thanks mum!
       The summit, for apple, organized by apple, the people who were working behind the scenes are always the least appreciated. Without them, our presentation would not have been a success, without them, we wouldn’t have had an enjoyable time and without them, I would have been a different person today.
       The Apple Education Leadership Summit may have closed. However, the memories will forever be in our minds. New knowledge, New Experience and also New Opportunities. Thank you all for what you have sacrificed for us. 

    Thank You all!
    With best regards,
    Bryan Goh
    (School of Science and Technology,Singapore)